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Change schedules

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Change schedules

The Change Schedules landing page provides a view of schedules that are categorized under Pinned Schedules, Your Schedules, and All Schedules. The grouping of schedules provides easy access to your most required schedules and saves your time from searching through all the schedules in the system.

To access Change Schedules, navigate to Change > Schedule > Change Schedules.
Note: To view the Change Schedules page, you must activate Change Management - Change Schedule plugin (com.snc.change_management.soc).
Figure 1. Change schedule landing page
change schedule landing page
You can find schedules arranged under three categories as follows:
  • Pinned Schedules: Includes all change schedules you have previously chosen to pin for quick access.
  • Your Schedules: Includes all change schedules you own or are a member of the group that owns the schedule.
  • All Schedules: Includes all change schedules you have access to.
To pin a schedule, hover over the schedule tile and click the pin icon (pin icon). The schedule appears under Pinned Schedules. To unpin a tile, click the pin icon again.
Note: The Show an information message when a change schedule is pinned property in Change Properties controls whether you see an informational message confirming the pinning or unpinning of the schedule.

Click a tab to view a Change Schedule. For more information, refer Change schedules view.