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Stock rules

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Stock rules

Stock rules are defined criteria stating that when inventory of a particular asset in a particular stockroom reaches a specified threshold, a certain number should either be transferred from another stockroom or ordered from a vendor.

For example, a specific model of computer keyboard reaches an inventory of 10 in a particular stockroom and, because a stock rule is in place, a transfer order is automatically created to transfer 50 from a different stockroom. Because there can be multiple assets of a model within a stockroom, stock rules enable you to check all assets fitting the criteria and view a total count.

There are two restocking options:

  • An email can be sent to the stockroom manager (user identified in the Manager field on the stockroom record) to place a vendor order. A task is automatically created for the stockroom manager or, if Procurement is active, a purchase order and a purchase order line item are created.
  • A transfer order can be generated automatically to restock the item from another stockroom.

Stock rules consider existing transfer orders and do not create additional transfer orders if replenishment is already in progress.

A scheduled job named Stock Rule Runner runs once per day to create the restocking transfer orders, send email messages to stockroom managers, and create tasks for stockroom managers. You may need to activate the Procurement application to configure and use this scheduled job.

Note: If restocking is in progress, the system does not create duplicate email messages or duplicate transfer orders.

Create a stock rule

You can create a stock rule to control what happens when inventory of a particular asset in a particular stockroom reaches a specified threshold.

About this task

Role required: inventory_admin or asset


  1. Navigate to Inventory > Stock > Stock Rules.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Field Description
    Model Product model to which the rule applies.
    Threshold Quantity that the stock must reach to trigger restocking. For example, enter a threshold of 10 for a laptop computer that should be restocked when inventory drops below 10 in the specified stockroom.
    Restocking option Location where additional supplies should come from. Select one of the following:
    • Stockroom: creates a transfer order to obtain the asset from another stockroom.
    • Vendor: sends an email to the stockroom manager to order from a vendor. In addition to the email notification, a purchase order and purchase order line item are created.
    Active Whether this stock rule active (check box is selected). Clearing this check box prevents the stock rule from restocking automatically.
    Stockroom Current physical location of the asset.
    Order size Minimum order quantity for stockroom transfers or vendor purchases. ServiceNow calculates the smallest multiple of the order size needed to restock the item above the threshold. For example, there are 3 laptops in stock with a threshold of 10 and the Stockroom option selected. If the order size is set to 4, the system creates a transfer order for 8 laptops to exceed the threshold and satisfy the rule (3 in stock + 8 ordered = 11). When restocking from a vendor, ServiceNow sends an email to the stockroom manager showing the total number of items to order, as multiples of the order size.