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Software licenses

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Software licenses

Software licenses are based on defined models in the Software Asset Management plugin feature.

You can create the models to organize software licenses in any way that makes sense for your organization. Common methods of defining models and licenses include by department or by region.

Licenses can be associated with a contract. For more information, see the Contract Management application.

Licensing types

Different types of licenses are available in the ServiceNow Software Asset Management plugin feature as listed below.
  • By CPU

    By CPU cores

    By number of CPUs

  • By number of points

    Per installation - IBM PVU

  • By user

    Number of installs per user

    Per named user

  • By utilization

    Usage (CPU)

    Usage (User)

  • By workstation

    Per workstation

Table 1. Supported license models
Model Description
Individual Given to individuals.
Bulk allocated Allocated to users via entitlements.
Bulk not allocated Given to users with details, such as who has a license or where the license is located, not tracked.