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Access the roster for a rota

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Access the roster for a rota

The Rosters related list contains the defined rosters, each of which identifies a subset of group members who participate in the on-call roster.

Before you begin

Role required: rota_admin or admin


  1. To access rosters for a specific rota, navigate to On-Call Scheduling > On-Call Calendars.
  2. Right-click a rota and select Edit rota.

    If a roster rotation should begin at a particular time of day, perhaps on-call, responsibility transfers at 8 A.M. instead of midnight, clear the All day rotation check box so you can specify a start time.

  3. Open a roster to see the members.
    Initially, roster members are automatically populated from the Group.
  4. (Optional) To remove users who do not participate in a rotation, click the Edit button on the Members related list, use the slushbucket to remove members, and then click Save.
    You cannot add members to a roster who are not in the group.