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Finalize a pattern

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Finalize a pattern

After you finish defining your pattern, make it ready for use by Service Mapping and Discovery.

Before you begin

Role required: pd_admin

About this task

There are several ways to finalize a pattern after creating or modifying it:
  • Saving — Save all the information you defined for the pattern creating a draft. You can continue working on the pattern draft at any time. Service Mapping and Discovery do not use the pattern draft for discovery and mapping.
  • Discarding changes — If you realized that the changes you made to a pattern are incorrect, you can discard them.
  • Checking — Actually run the pattern on the relevant configuration item (CI) to check that the operations that you defined for it are correct. Check your pattern before activating it. This option is available only for application patterns used by Service Mapping.
  • Publishing — Make Service Mapping and Discovery use this pattern for discovery and mapping. A new version of this pattern is created. The state of the pattern version used previously changes to History.


  1. On the pattern definition form, complete your pattern definition by performing one or more of the following actions:
    To accomplish thisDo this
    Save the pattern Click Save.
    Discard unwanted changes Click Discard.
    Check the pattern

    (only for application patterns used by Service Mapping)

    1. Click Check Pattern.
    2. Enter parameters for connecting to this CI.
    3. Click Connect.
    4. Wait for Pattern Designer to run the pattern and check that there are no errors.
    5. Troubleshoot any errors. If there are no errors, you can publish or save your pattern.
    Publish the pattern Click Publish.

    The Publish, Check Pattern, and Save buttons.
  2. Close the Pattern Designer tab.