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Activate pattern Debug mode

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Activate pattern Debug mode

Working in Debug mode, Pattern Designer performs all operations as you configure them. It allows you to see results immediately.

Before you begin

Before starting this procedure, verify that the Debug mode is not activated. If the Debug mode is activated, the debug button appears with a green dot: The Debug Mode button in the Top-down mode.

Role required: pd_admin

Basic knowledge of programming is desirable.

About this task

Many operations require that you enter a specific value from a specific source, for example, a particular value, or a particular location and delimiter, in a particular file. If you are not in Debug mode, you must type details such as path and file name, or an actual relevant value or related information. However, if you work in Debug mode, you can browse to and open information sources such as files, and then select specific values from those files.

Service Mapping and Discovery share patterns, but execute them differently. Discovery runs infrastructure and application patterns for horizontal discovery, while Service Mapping runs application patterns for the top-down discovery. When you activate Debug mode, you choose how pattern steps are run: as if by Discovery or as if by Service Mapping.

Service Mapping and Discovery share a set of preconfigured patterns that cover most of the commonly used devices and applications. Patterns can be of infrastructure or application type. Infrastructure patterns are used only by Discovery for creating lists of devices. Application patterns serve both Service Mapping and Discovery that use the same application patterns for their purposes.

When you activate the Debug mode, Pattern Designer performs an operation in a pattern step and displays discovered values in the Temporary Variables pane:

Populated variables in the Debug mode

When you activate the Debug mode, the following additional actions become available:

Table 1. Debug Mode Actions
Action Allows you to
Search assistant Search within files or the registry.
Note: Perform additional configuration to enable this feature as described in Configure Search Assistant for Windows.
Command Prompt Check details of file structure, setup, or parameters and values inside specific files on a host before using this information in step operations.
Test Test the current step and populates variables with discovered values.
Figure 1. Test result window shows discovered values

Populated variables in Debug mode

Activate the Debug mode for each browser window or tab separately. For example, if you have the same pattern section open in two or more tabs, you must activate the Debug mode in each tab.


  1. In the Pattern Designer, click Debug Mode.
    The Debug Identification Section window is displayed.
  2. Fill in the required details for the entry point:
    Field Description
    Debug Type Select Top down for performing top-down discovery with Service Mapping or

    Horizontal for performing horizontal discovery using Discovery.

    Select Entry Point Type Select the entry point type for the discovered CI. Entry point parameters depend on the type you select.
    URL Enter the URL of the CI you are discovering.
    Host Name Enter the host name of the server hosting the discovered application.
    Comments Enter free text for any considerations or notes.
    Use original IP

    Select the check box and enter the IP for this entry point.

  3. The Debug Identification Section window, click Connect.
    The Debug mode is activated. The Debug button shows the green dot. For connection sections the Debug Mode button also shows the Debug type you chose: The Debug Mode button in the Top-down mode.
    When you select a different section in the same pattern, the Debug mode stays activated if it can use the entry point you defined for the previous step.
  4. (Optional) If you click another section, to which Pattern Designer cannot connect using the entry point for the previous step, define the entry point again as described in step 2.
  5. (Optional) To activate the Debug mode for the same pattern section to which you navigated from the pattern form in a separate browser window or tab, define the entry point again as described in step 2.
  6. To deactivate the Debug mode, click the Debug Mode button.