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Use Windows Remote Management for classification

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Use Windows Remote Management for classification

You can configure the discovery of Windows hosts using the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) protocol.

Before you begin

  • Install and configuration a Windows MID Server on the local network.
  • WinRM service must be enabled on all discoverable Windows hosts.

Roles required: discovery_admin, agent_admin, admin

About this task

By default, the system uses the WMI protocol for device classification of Windows hosts. Administrators can instead use the WinRM protocol for more efficient lightweight data transfer and remote command execution.


  1. Enable the WinRM service on all Windows hosts you want to discover.
  2. Navigate to Discovery > MID Servers.
  3. Select the MID Server you will use for discovery of Windows hosts.
    The system displays the MID Server record.
  4. From the Configuration Parameters related list click New.
    The system displays a MID Server Configuration Parameter record.
  5. In the Parameter name field, select the parameter from the choice list.
  6. Enter a value of WinRM.
    Figure 1. MID Server configuration parameter
    MID Server configuration parameter
  7. Click Submit.
    The system displays the MID Server record.
  8. (Optional) Add other Windows Remote Management protocol parameters as needed.
    Table 1. Additional WinRM parameters
    Parameter Description Default Requires MID Server restart
    mid.powershell_api.winrm.remote_port Specifies the communications port the MID Server uses to communicate with the WinRM protocol. 5985 No Specifies the maximum number of sessions allowed in the pool per target host. 2 Yes
    mid.powershell_api.session_pool.max_size Specifies the maximum number of sessions allowed in the session pool. 100 Yes
    mid.powershell_api.idle_session_timeout Specifies the timeout value of idle Powershell sessions in seconds. 60 Yes

What to do next

Run a discovery from the Discovery schedule to find Windows machines on your network.