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Create vRealize credentials

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Create vRealize credentials

Create credentials to access vRealize.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin

About this task

Create Basic Auth type of credential to connect to vRealize.


  1. Navigate to Connections & Credentials > Credentials.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select Basic Auth Credential.
  4. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Basic Auth Credentials form
    Field Description
    Name Enter a unique and descriptive name for this credential. For example, NewvRealize.
    User name Name to identify the user.
    • If the username is internal in vRealize, use it as is.
    • If vRealize is integrated with Active Directory (AD), use the format

      DOMAIN\username@sourceauth. For example, local\administrator@All vCenter Servers.

    Password Password to use this credential.
    Active Option to enable the use of this credential.
    Order The order (sequence) in which the platform tries this credential as it attempts to log on to devices. The smaller the number, the higher in the list this credential appears. Establish credential order when using large numbers of credentials or when security locks out users after three failed login attempts. If all the credentials have the same order number (or none), the instance tries the credentials in a random order. Default value: 100
  5. Click Submit.


The credential for use with the vRealize connector is created.