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Create a Discovery process handler

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Create a Discovery process handler

Process handlers prevent the creation of duplicate CIs by filtering out parameters known to have inconsistent values before process classification occurs. You can create new classifiers or edit existing ones.


  1. ASDFGHGVCXZZXCVBNHBVCXZAsert6rewqNavigate to 1qw34567890-[poiuytfdszaAZsxdfghjkl;'?.,mnbvcxzDiscovery Definition > CI Classification > Process Handlers.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the fields on the Process Handler form.
    Table 1. Process Handler form
    Field Description
    Name Enter a unique name for the process handler record.
    Active Select the check box to run the process handler.
    • Select the check box to enable classification of any Running Process [cmdb_running_process] record that matches this Process Handler's conditions.
    • Clear the checkbox to disable classification of any Running Process [cmdb_running_process] record that matches this Process Handler's conditions.
    Condition Select the conditions that trigger the process handler to run the script. In most cases, this condition contains either specific executable names or the presence of certain parameters.
    Script Enter the JavaScript you want to run on the current record in the Running Process [cmdb_running_process] table when the Condition is met. The current variable is a reference to a Running Process GlideRecord. The script should examine current.parameters for certain values, perform string replacement to manipulate these values, and save the result to current.key_parameters.

    ServiceNow uses the key_parameters field, together with the process name, to determine whether the process is unique on a specific machine.

    See On classification script objects for Discovery for additional options.
  4. Click Submit.

What to do next

Run a discovery through the Discovery Schedule to search for applications and then verify the results in the CMDB for the applications that are found.