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Cloud Management governance

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Cloud Management governance

Governance refers to the limitations that you can set on available cloud resources.

Types of governance

Type Description
Quotas Quotas are limitations or requirements for groups and users on a resource block. Use quotas to prevent wasteful resource usage in your cloud environment.
Policies A cloud policy can override a property value set by a user, create an approval task, reserve an IP address, pre-populate or hide form fields, execute custom scripts, call the Cloud API, or start or abort workflows. A cloud policy gives you system-wide control over approvals, resource operations, blueprint operations, or catalog item settings.
Pools A resource pool is a query or a script that filters a table. You configure a resource pool to limit the values that are available to users when they request a catalog item.
Permissions Permissions are user group-level access rights to various features in the Cloud Management application and to specific records in the instance, such as a blueprint or a cloud account.