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Discover all resources in a datacenter on-demand

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Discover all resources in a datacenter on-demand

At any time, you can run Discovery on a datacenter to update the CMDB.

Before you begin

  • Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_admin
  • A cloud account with service accounts and associated datacenters


  1. On the Cloud Admin Portal, navigate to Manage > Cloud Accounts.
  2. Click a cloud account and, on the Datacenters tab, select a datacenter.
    The Resources tab lists the resources in the CMDB.
    Resources in the selected datacenter
  3. Change the state to Draft and then click Discover Now. Wait for Discovery to finish.
  4. Change the state of the cloud account to Published.


Discovery populates the CMDB with the discovered resources and updates the information on the Resources tab. You can view Discovery results in the Discovery Log tab.