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Manage stories

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Manage stories

Use the Manage Stories form to manage the stories for a group.

About this task

Manage stories from the Group form using the Manage Stories related link or from the project workbench using the Manage Stories button in the workbench header. The Manage Stories form displays the backlog for the currently selected group. From this form, the group can filter the stories that are displayed, rank stories and assign points, and assign stories to sprints.

The group backlog includes two types of stories:
  • Project stories are associated to a specific project.
  • One-off stories are not associated with a project or a product, but are associated with a group.
The upper section of the Manage Stories form shows the backlog across all projects for the current group, including the total number of stories and points. The lower section of this form has two tabs that you can use to filter the stories displayed in the backlog.
  • In the first tab, select Project or One-off. If you select Project, you can make an extra selection from the second tab. If you select One-off, the second tab disappears because one-off stories are not associated with either a product or a project.
  • If you select Project in the first tab, select either All projects or a specific project in the second tab.
The stories displayed in the Backlog list depend on the selections from these two tabs. After filtering and displaying the desired stories, drag and drop the stories in this list to rank them. The top of the list is the highest ranking. If necessary, open a story and assign points in the Points field.


  1. Navigate to Project > Agile > Groups.
  2. Open the desired group.
  3. Click the Manage Stories related link to open the Manage Stories form.
  4. Make a selection from the first tab, either Project or One-Off.
  5. If Project is selected in the first tab, select either All projects or a specific project from the second tab.
  6. Rank the stories in the Backlog list by dragging and dropping.
  7. Assign points to a story by opening the story and entering a number in the Points field.
  8. Click Update.