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SDLC integration with Project Portfolio Suite

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SDLC integration with Project Portfolio Suite

The SDLC application can be activated and used as part of the Project Portfolio Suite (PPS).

Activating the Project Portfolio Suite plugin adds the following SDLC modules to the Project Management menu:

Table 1. Menus and modules
Menu section Modules
Agile development navigation modules


  • Stories: displays the Stories list, which shows a list of current active stories and the associated projects. Add a story or click a story to open the Story form. Add scrum tasks to a story.
  • Groups: displays the Groups list, which shows a list of current groups. Click a group to open the Group form. Create and plan sprints, manage stories, view velocity charts, and view story points by sprint from the Group form.
  • My Stories: displays a list of stories assigned to the current user.
  • Sprint Planning: displays the Sprint Planning form for the selected group. Use this form to see the group capacity and points allocated for each sprint. Also use this form to manage the project backlog and assign stories to sprints.
Activating this plugin also allows the following tasks from the project workbench:
  • Create an Agile phase for a project.
  • Assign a group to an Agile phase within a project.
  • Select an Agile phase to display the project-related stories in the list view.
  • Use the Manage Stories button to open the Manage Stories form.