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Resource Management

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Resource Management

The ServiceNow® Resource Management application enables resource requesters, such as project managers or change managers, to create resource plans, request resources, and analyze resource availability and utilization.

Resource managers use the application to allocate resources to tasks. The Resource Management application can be used in conjunction with any task on the platform, including project tasks, incidents, problems, or changes.

With the Resource Management application:

  • Resource requesters can create resource plans that specify group or user resources required by tasks. They can verify resource availability and make changes to their resource plans prior to requesting resources.
  • Resource managers can view availability, existing allocations, and utilization for the requested resources and make allocations based on resource availability.
  • Resource managers can perform what-if analysis by changing resource plan dates, resources, requested hours and proposed allocations to analyze impact on resource utilization and availability.

The Resource Management application is activated as part of the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials.