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Review external dependencies between projects

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Review external dependencies between projects

Review the external dependencies between projects in a portfolio to track projects that are dependant on each other more closely.

Before you begin

Role required: it_portfolio_manager

Open demands and projects in the timeline view of the portfolio workbench.

About this task

As a portfolio manager, you may want to know the projects which are dependent on each other so that these projects can be tracked more closely.

For example, project B is dependent on project A (external soft dependency) and you want to make sure that project A is executed on time so that the schedule of project B is not affected. The Dependencies column shows that there is an outgoing external dependency from project A and an incoming external dependency to project B. You can the use the incoming dependency to determine whether a delay in project A will affect project B.


  1. Click the filter icon (Filter icon) in the timeline view and add the Dependencies column if it is not visible.
    The number of incoming and outgoing external dependencies are displayed, if any.
  2. Click the external dependency in Dependencies column for the project.
  3. In the Dependencies pop-up dialog, click a tab to review the dependency:
    Inbound tab
    Tasks that have an incoming dependency from a project are listed.
    Outbound tab
    Tasks with an outgoing dependency to the project are listed.
    Figure 1. Example of external dependencies between projects.
    Screenshot for explaining Dependencies example.
  4. Click the project number in a tab to open and review the linked project in the planning console view.