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Configure teamspace settings

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Configure teamspace settings

Configure teamspace settings after you activate a teamspace plugin.

Before you begin

Role required: it_pps_admin


  1. Navigate to Project Administration > Settings > TeamSpaces.
  2. Click a teamspace name.
  3. Change the teamspace name if necessary. Changing the name only changes the title that appears in the application menu. It does not modify the names of other components, such as table names or role names.
  4. On the Tables, Roles, and Application Menu related lists, you can add or modify the tables, roles, and application modules for the teamspace.


The teamspace becomes available in the menu. The records that are assigned to the teamspace, such as projects, portfolios, demands, are automatically added to the teamspace.

What to do next

Assign the teamspace roles to the users of that teamspace. Do not assign the general roles that come with the applications in the Project Portfolio Suite.