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Project Workspace

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Project Workspace

The Project Workspace enables the project manager to define, plan, track, and monitor a project in a single location. Project managers can also review the status, exceptions, and KPIs in the workspace to take further actions for the project.

Projects in the My Projects Space page

The project workspace overview page – My Projects Space - displays projects as cards based on filter criteria. A maximum of the 200 most recently updated projects appear on the page. Clicking a card opens the project in the project workspace. You can configure the information that is displayed on a card.

Figure 1. Project cards on the My Projects Space page
screenshot for project cards on the My Projects Space page

The components of the workspace are:

Banner icons

The following banner icons are available in project workspace:

The home icon (screenshot for home icon) enables you to return to the list of project cards on My Projects Space page.
Project choice list
The choice list displays the projects that you can select to open in project workspace. The projects in the choice list appear based on the filter criteria applied in My Projects Space page.
Project checklist
The checklist icon (screenshot for checklist icon) helps you to build the checklist of activities that must be completed in a project.

Tabs in the project workspace

The project workspace comprises of the following tabs described at a high level:

The Analytics tab provides analytics on project aspects such as open risks, open issues, and delayed milestones.
The Details tab opens the project form and enables you to define important aspects of the project.
The Planning tab opens the project in the planning console. The tab also enables you to navigate to Project workbench and track your project in the workbench.
The Financials tab displays breakdowns of cost components of a project: planned cost, estimated returns, allocated budget, cost plans, and benefit plans.
The Resources tab enables you to find resources, and create and manage the resources plans for the project and project tasks. The tab is available only to a project manager.
Status Report
The Status Report tab displays the project status reports.
Figure 2. Project workspace example
screenshot for project workspace example