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Custom columns in the planning console

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Custom columns in the planning console

In addition to the regular columns that are provided in the base system, as the PPS admin, you can configure which columns appear in the planning console.

You can define the columns that are available in the project planning console, program workbench, planning and tracking views in portfolio workbench, and the release management Gantt chart. From this list of defined columns, you can select the columns that you want to view in these planning console UIs at any time.

These tables are used for custom column configuration:
  • Planning Console [pm_console]: Stores the definition for planning consoles such as Project and Portfolio.
  • Planning Console Display Column [pm_console_display_column]: Stores the planning console display columns such as Short Description, WBS, and Priority.

    A console stored in [pm_console] has multiple display columns that are stored in [pm_console_display_column].

  • Planning Console Table [pm_console_table]: Contains a list of tables which provide data to a console.

    A console sources the data from multiple tables. For example, Project console [pm_project] pulls data from pm_project and pm_project_task table. This list of tables is maintained in [pm_console_table].

  • Planning Console Column [pm_console_columnn]: Maintains the columns that should be pulled from each table and the mapping of the column in pm_console_display_column.