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Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Management

With the ServiceNow® Portfolio Management application, you can create portfolios which are collections of related programs, projects, and demands. You can then perform financial planning and monitor the status and progress of these portfolios.

You must have the it_portfolio_manager role to manage a portfolio. The Portfolio Management application provides these capabilities to the portfolio manager:
  • Create a portfolio by adding related programs, projects, and demands.
  • Perform annual portfolio planning by selecting demands, projects, and programs.
  • Track the progress and status of all the programs, projects, and demands that are part of the portfolio. You can track the costs, resources, schedules, risks, and issues.

Watch this four-minute video to learn about the portfolio structure, creating a portfolio and program, setting up a stakeholder registry, and the portfolio workbench.

The following diagram provides an overview of Portfolio Management.
Figure 1. Overview of Portfolio Management
Overview of portfolio management


Portfolio Management also provides the following features:
Portfolio workbench
The portfolio workbench provides a central location to view and monitor the progress of the program, the projects, and demands that are part of the portfolio. You can also perform annual portfolio planning, create budget and forecast plans for the portfolio.
Annual planning for the portfolio
The annual planning wizard is available in the portfolio workbench. The annual planning process comprises these steps:
  1. Determine the overall cost requirements for the portfolio and set the target.
  2. Select the demands and projects for a fiscal year based on the budget target and resource availability.
  3. Create and promote a budget plan.
  4. If required, re-promote the budget plan by performing a what-if analysis by adding or removing projects and demands before the budget is finalized.
Budget forecasting of the portfolio
Using the portfolio workbench, the portfolio managers can re-estimate (forecast) the portfolio budget for future periods based on the actual cost and changed project requirements.
Tracking of the portfolio
Once the financial planning is complete, portfolio workbench allows you to track the progress of a portfolio. This tracking includes the actual amount being spent against the budget, actual hours spent, risks, and issues.
Portfolio Manager dashboard
The Portfolio Manager dashboard provides a central location to generate different graphical reports of the portfolio and portfolio financials.