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Choose a working set

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Choose a working set

A working set refers to the set of expenses that you want to use in the workbench as you pass through all the stages.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst

About this task

The working set consists of the fiscal period, which is the block of time on the fiscal calendar during which the expenses were incurred. Make sure you select the correct fiscal period. As you progress through the stages of the workbench, the expenses you work with are those that were incurred during the selected fiscal period only, not any other fiscal periods. The fiscal period you select is referred to as the working period, and is always visible on the upper-right side of all workbench pages.


Select the fiscal period for the data that you want to work with from the Fiscal period choice list.

The options in this choice list come from the fiscal calendar. If you do not see the fiscal period you want, you can make changes to the fiscal calendar.