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CI relationships

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CI relationships

To get reports that represent the total costs for a business service, there must be some association between the service and the CIs that make up the service. This is done with CI relationships.

  1. Navigate to Financial Management > Business Services.
  2. Select Retail.
  3. View the business service map.
    Figure 1. Cost Demo Retail Bsm
    Cost Demo Retail BSM

    This view shows that the dbaix901nyc server is a dependency of the Retail Adding Points, Retail POS, and Retail business services. So whenever the server incurs a cost, it should be represented at each of the business services.

    As seen above, the dbaix901nyc server is a member of the Sun E20K Servers NY CI rate card, so the expenses already exist for the server.

    To view them:
    1. Navigate to Financial Management > CI Rate Cards.
    2. Select Sun E20K Servers NY.
    3. View the Expense Line related list.
    4. Filter the related list for short description contains dbaix901nyc.
    The server's expenses are now visible:
    Figure 2. Cost Demo Serverexp
    Cost Demo Server Expense

    This example contains one direct expense (inherited = false), and three inherited expenses that have been generated from other direct expenses. These inherited expenses are based on CI relationships, which allow for reporting at any business service level.

    For more information on expense aggregation, see Enabling Relationship Aggregation.