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Using distribution costs and rules

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Using distribution costs and rules

Distribution Costs are costs which can be divided among a group of records.

For example, the cost of power at a datacenter which can be divided among the CIs in the datacenter.

Distribution Rules determine how the Distribution Costs are divided among the CIs.

Defining Distribution Costs

To define new distribution costs, navigate to Financial Management > Cost Management > Distribution Costs, and select New. Populate the following fields:
Table 1. Defining Distribution Costs
Field Input Value
Number A system-generated unique identifier for the Distribution Cost.
Name A human-readable identifier for the cost.
Amount The amount of the cost, with a currency list. To add a new currency, use the Edit link.
Distribution Rule Select a Distribution Rule to determine how the costs are distributed to CIs. For more information, see Distribution Rules.
Active Determines if the cost is actively used.
Start Date The date of the cost, or if the cost is recurring, the first date of the cost.
Recurring If checked, the cost will recur, and will be added regularly.
End Date If Recurring is true, the last date to add the distribution cost.
Summary Type Identifies a high-level type of expense for easier summary reports. This value will be used to set the expense line summary type field.
Interval If Recurring is true, the time between each addition of the distribution cost between Start Date and End Date.
Last Processed A read-only display of the last time the distribution cost was processed.
Next Process A read-only display of the scheduled next process date.