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Relate a business application to a business service through CI relationship editor

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Relate a business application to a business service through CI relationship editor

Business applications can have multiple instances. Application instances are nothing but business services. Relate business applications to instances by relating business applications to business services. Business application and business service are two different configuration items which must be related through a CI relationship.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_user


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio Management > All Business Applications > Business Applications.
  2. To relate the business application with a business service, click open a business application.
  3. Click the Add CI relationship (CI relationship editor icon) icon in the Related Items section of the business application form to launch the relationship editor and create the CI relationship.
  4. Select one or more business services from the Configuration Items section.

    Integration with Service Mapping is through the CI relationship editor creating direct relationship between the configuration items.

  5. Click the (Create new relationships with selected configuration item(s)) icon in the Relationships section.
    By default Consumes::Consumed by relationship type is selected.

    You can relate two configuration items using the suggested relationship type of CMDB. It not only selects the relationship type automatically but also ensures consistency in the relationship. The suggested relationship is established between capability and application AND between application and service.

  6. Click Save and Exit.

What to do next

You have created a relationship between a business application and a business service, you can now associate the business service to a software model.