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Indicators and score profiles for assessing applications

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Indicators and score profiles for assessing applications

Application indicators are business metrics that help derive application scores. You can create the indicators and score profiles based on which you can assess your applications.

Application Portfolio Management is integrated with key applications in the ServiceNow platform to provide a deep insight into the applications. These integrations help you:

Identify cost saving opportunities
The IT Chart of Accounts in the Financial Management application tracks the cost allocations at the application level, which provides a complete cost breakdown for the application.
Organize applications to determine their rationalization
You can identify multiple applications assigned to the same application category, region, or business. This information helps you to know who is using the applications, the usage frequency, the application status, and make informed decisions.
Identify opportunities for modernizing and investing in application
You can identify applications that have contracts to renew, low usage, or low customer satisfaction based on surveys results.

The assessment framework calculates the application score for each application on a scale of 1–10, where 10 is a good score and 1is a low score. Assessments are based on various configured indicators, which you can configure. Each of these indicators periodically captures the related application data, which is used to derive the application score. These indicators with their respective value (weightage) are added to an application profile. The application is then associated with the application profile, which calculates the application score.

Use the indicators or create indicators to assess applications with dimensions such as cost, quality, technical risk, investments, user satisfaction, and business value. Preconfigured indicators are sourced from Financial Management, IT Service Management, project portfolio management, surveys, assessments, SQL queries, performance analytics, and custom scripts.