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Create or modify lifecycle event types

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Create or modify lifecycle event types

A lifecycle event is stages in the career of an employee and a collection of activity sets and activities.

Before you begin

Roles required: Lifecycle Admin [sn_hr_le.admin].

About this task

Lifecycle Event Types are used as a container for activity sets and activities.
Note: Onboarding is an example of a Lifecycle Event.

Lifecycle Event chart shows relationship to activity sets and activities.


  1. Navigate to Lifecycle Events > Administration > Manage Lifecycle Event Types.
  2. Click New or on an existing life-cycle event type to modify it.
    Title Enter or modify the title of the life cycle event type.
    Active Check to make the life cycle event type active and available.
    Description Enter or modify the description of the life cycle event type.
  3. Click Save.
    The Activity Sets section displays.
  4. Click New to add an activity set to the life-cycle event type or click an activity set to modify it.
  5. Click Update.