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Create or modify Lifecycle Events fulfiller activity configurations

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Create or modify Lifecycle Events fulfiller activity configurations

With the Manage Activity Configuration feature, you can determine how fulfiller activities are configured and what conditions define them as complete for a generated task from an activity.

Before you begin

Role required: Lifecycle Activity Set Manager [sn_hr_le.activity_set_manager].

About this task

Fulfillers are agents assigned to lifecycle event activities. Fulfiller activity configuration passes field information from the Lifecycle Event Case [sn_hr_le_case] table to the HR case [sn_hr_core_case] table.

The base system provides fulfiller activity configurations that are available in Onboarding Lifecycle Events. These fulfiller activity configurations can be used to model new ones and are required for licensed application task types used for lifecycle events.


  1. Navigate to Lifecycle Events > Administration > Manage Activity Configuration.
  2. Click New or on an existing fulfiller activity configuration to modify it.
    Fulfiller activity Specify the Type of activity assigned to a fulfiller.
    Configuration Type You can create configurations for any installed/licensed application task type.

    Select the type that determines the relevant fields for the activity, choices include:

    • Template: Based on any task table supporting templates.
    • HR Service: Activity based on existing HR Service.
    • HR Task Template: Activity based on existing HR activity template.
    • Service Management Template: Activity creates a case based on any licensed SM core application.
    • Catalog Item: Creates a task, request, or case based on an existing catalog item.
    • Order Guide: Creates an IT request based on an order guide.
    • Workflow: Creates a workflow on the parent Lifecycle case.
    Application Only displays when Service Management Template is selected from Configuration Type.
    Note: Only displays applications your company has a license for and the plugin is activated.

    Select the application the fulfiller activity is for.

    Catalog Only displays when Catalog Item or Order Guide is selected from Configuration Type.

    Select the catalog the fulfiller activity is based on.

    Activity closure Closure definitions define the case state and details required to close the activity and mark it complete. This setting advances the status of the activity set.

    Select one or more filter conditions that, when met, close the activity if applicable.

    Note: The default setting should be sufficient for most records to close the activity.
    Active Check to make the activity configuration active and available.
    Task table Select the type of task the activity is. The choices change depending on what is selected in Configuration Type.
    Workflow The workflow that runs on the parent Lifecycle case.
    Workflow required fields Fields on the Activity form that are required to be populated for the workflow.
    Workflow optional fields Fields on the Activity form that are optional and populated for the workflow.
  3. Click Save. The Fulfiller Activity Field Mappings section displays.

What to do next

Refer to Create or modify Fulfiller Activity Configuration Mappings.