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HR criteria

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HR criteria

HR criteria defines the audience for HR content, services, or cases. You can make information available to or create an HR case for specific groups, individuals, or to all employees using HR criteria.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin

About this task

HR criteria define conditions that are evaluated against HR tables. Once HR criteria is defined, you can filter what is available to those users.

HR criteria helps group people using a condition builder on any table. User criteria is used across the ServiceNow platform to filter catalog items, Service Portal widgets, and knowledge articles. User criteria filters users based on role, department, group, location, or company. User criteria is automatically created when HR criteria is created. HR criteria:

  • Filters content on the HR Service Portal.
  • Filters HR services based on the Subject person during case creation or transfer.
  • Filters Lifecycle Event Activities in the Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events [com.sn_hr_lifecycle_events] plugin.
  • Selects document template for HR cases.
  • Selects users when creating bulk HR cases.
For Lifecycle Events, activities have associated HR criteria that determines when to trigger an activity for the subject person selected on the Lifecycle event case. This step helps to personalize the workflow for the subject person.
Note: For HR Catalog Items (record producers), ensure Use "User Criteria" to define access to catalog items and categories is set to Yes. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Administration > Properties > Security. Verify that this field is checked Yes.


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > HR Criteria.
  2. Click New.
    Name Enter a name identifying the HR criteria.
    Description Enter a description for the HR criteria.
    Active Check to activate the HR criteria.
    Related User Criteria This field remains blank until you create User criteria. User criteria is used across the ServiceNow platform to filter catalog items, HR Service Portal widgets, and knowledge articles.

    The value for this field appears after you create user criteria.

  3. Select Save from the Content menu to remain on the HR Criteria form. The Conditions section appears. The Create User Criteria related link appears.
    To continue creating HR criteria, select New under Conditions. To create User criteria, select the Create User Criteria related link.
  4. Click New to create conditions.
    Add conditions to specify the fields and values that create the filter and based on the table selected. Conditions can be defined as:
    • And: Multiple conditions are required.
    • Or: Only one of the conditions are required.
    For example, to create a condition to show the link for new hires and contractors, select:
    • Table: Client Role Rule [sn_hr_core_client_role_rule]
    • Condition:
      • Role
      • is
      • sn_hr_core.hrsm_new_hire
      • AND
      • Role
      • is
      • sn_hr_core.hrsm_contractor
    Note: It is required to add a filter condition: user, is (dynamic), Me. This filter prevents placing the HR link for every user in your company.
    Name A descriptive name of the condition used for HR criteria.
    Table The table HR criteria conditions are defined from.

    For example, select the HR Profile (sn_hr_core_profile) table to select a field and define a condition.

    Condition The field from the table selected and a value that defines the condition.
    For example, you can select the following conditions from the HR Profile (sn_hr_core_profile) table:
    • Home country\
    • is
    • United States of America
    This condition selects all employees who have a home country of the United States.
    Active Determines if the condition is active and available to use.
    User column Together with the Table field, filters users when evaluating a condition for a user.

    Select User.

    Note: Depending on the table selected, this field can be required to match conditions. When the User [sys_user] table is selected, this field is mandatory otherwise a false positive can occur since the lookup is not associated to an expected user.
    After creating a condition, a clickable link appears with the number of matching records. Click the link to see if the correct users are being selected based on the condition.
  5. Click Save from the Content menu to remain on the HR Condition form, or click Submit or Update. The HR Criteria form appears.