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Create an HR case

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Create an HR case

You create HR cases for employees that request an HR service. Employees can use the HR Service Portal to create HR cases for themselves by submitting a request. Or, you create a case when communicating with an employee via email, chat, or by phone.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.case_writer

About this task

When you create an HR case, the first step is to validate the employee making the HR service request. You can create an HR case from:
  • HR Profile under Related Links by selecting the Create a New Case link.
  • Any of the HR case lists under All HR Cases.
  • Create New Case under HR Case Management.


  1. Navigate to HR Case Management > Create New Case. Or, from any case list, click New.
    The Case Creation form with the Search for Employee field opens. You can search by employee name, partial employee name, case number, or any indexed field on the HR Profile of the sys_user table. After a successful search, multiple sections appear:
    • Search for Employee: Information on the employee or case you searched for.
    • Employee Information: Additional information on the employee appears to help verify that you are creating an HR case for the correct person.
    • Case Details: Information required to create a new case.
    • Related Case Information: Previous or current cases for the Opened for and Subject person appear.
      Note: The base system provides specific information to search for an employee. Use Case Creation Configuration to configure employee or case search.
  2. To create a new case, fill out information in the Case Details section.
    COE Select the Center of Excellence associated with the HR case you are creating. Selecting a COE filters the choices for HR service. See HR Centers of Excellence data model for more information.
    Note: You can also select an HR service first and the associated COE automatically populates.
    HR service The HR service based on the COE selected or what you select based on communication with the employee request. What HR services are available to an employee filter by:
    • COE selected.
    • HR criteria for the Subject person based on the HR service configuration.

      Limit services filter on the Case Creation Configuration form. If the HR service field is empty, ensure the Opened for field was not removed. See Configure how HR cases are created.

    Note: Bulk Parent Case does not appear as a selection because it is only used when creating a parent case for child bulk cases. Refer to Add or modify bulk HR cases.
    Opened for The person who is responsible for the HR service request.
    • The person requesting the HR service. When you make an HR service request for yourself, the Subject person and Opened for person are the same.
    • The person requesting the HR service on behalf of an employee. For example, a manager requesting an HR service for a direct report. In this example, the manager (Opened for) made an HR request on behalf of an employee (Subject person).

    Use the choice list to search and select another employee.

    Click the Reference field icon to view or edit HR profile information.

    Subject person The person the HR service request is for.

    Click the Lookup using list icon to find a user.

    Use the choice list to search and select another employee.

    Click the Reference field icon to view or edit HR profile information.

    Work notes Information specific to the case that can help other HR agents. Work Notes are not visible to the Subject person.
  3. Click Create Case and the HR case form appears with additional information about the case. The COE and HR service selected for the HR case determines the fields that appear.