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Add or modify email content for notifications

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Add or modify email content for notifications

Use the Email Content form to create notification templates to alert the assigned to of an HR task when a due date is approaching.

Before you begin

Roles required: sn_hr_core.case_writer, sn_hr_le.activity_writer

You must have the HR Case Writer [sn_hr_core.case_writer] or Lifecycle Event Activity Writer [sn_hr_le.activity_writer] role to select an Email Content template. For Lifecycle Events, you must have the Lifecycle Event Activity Writer [sn_hr_le.activity_writer] role to create or edit an HR task template for Lifecycle Events.

When setting up notifications, an email template must be created. The base system provides an email template that can be used as a model.

Email notifications can be sent for HR tasks with due dates and can be configured:
  • To be sent relative to the due date.
  • To be sent at intervals until the task is completed or skipped.
  • With customized content.


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > Email Content.
  2. From the Email Contents list, select New or an existing email template to edit.
  3. Enter or edit the fields on the Email Content form.
    Name Enter or edit the name of the email template.
    Type Select the type of notification:
    • Activity Notification
    • HR Task Reminder
    Subject Enter or edit the subject line of the reminder notification. The text appears in the subject line of the email sent as a reminder notification.
    Message HTML Enter or edit text that is the main body of the email notification. Use the formatting tools to format the text such as bold, italic, underline, font styling, justification, bullets, insert image, and numbers.
    - + Click the - to delete lines from the message area or + to add lines.
    Select variables This section provides a list of variables that can be used in the email template. Variables pull information from a table so information can be repeatable and customizable depending on the type of notification selected.
    The variables that appear depend on the Type field.
    • Activity Notification: HR Lifecycle Events Case [sn_hr_le_case]
    • HR Task Reminder: HR Case [sn_hr_core_case]
  4. Select Save to save the record and remain on the Email Content form. Or, selectSubmit or Update to return to the Email Contents list.