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HR approvals for Lifecycle Events

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HR approvals for Lifecycle Events

Approvals are an activity type that corresponds to an HR activity that requires a person or group to approve before it can proceed.

HR Service Activities support multiple approval steps and options without using workflows. Approvals for Lifecycle Events upon rejection are configured differently than approvals for HR services. Lifecycle Event approvals have two options that can be configured for rejections. You can define:
  • Who approves the HR activity. You can have multiple approvers.
  • How to handle rejections and missing approvers.
    • Rejection of an approval can be handled several different ways depending on how the activity is configured.
HR activities with an Activity type of Approval start alongside other activities within an Activity Set. To make activities dependent on an approval:
  • Place an approval HR activity in a separate Activity Set.
  • Place activities that require an approval in an Activity Set that triggers on Other Activity Sets.
  • Place the approval Activity Set in the Activity set dependencies of the Activity Set you want dependent on the approval.
Note: Approvers that do not have the sn_hr_core.manager role cannot access the HR case after the state changes to Closed Complete.

See Create or modify lifecycle events activities.