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HR ticket page

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HR ticket page

You can select cases from the Dashboard page or in the header to go to the HR Ticket page to view additional information about your case.

The HR ticket page appears when you select a case or task from My To-dos in the form header or the main container of the Dashboard. You can also access a case or task from Cases in the form header.

From the HR ticket page, you can:
  • View people or groups assigned to the HR case:
    • View the opened for, subject person, assigned to, and members of the watch list. These identifiers are configurable from HR Service Based Case Configurations.
  • View HR case information:
    • Short and detailed description of the HR case.
    • Ask a question using chat about the case.
    • View case status, history, and attachments.
    • Provide requested documents as attachments. 30 MB is the maximum size allowed for a document.
    • Approve, accept, or reject tasks or cases.
      Note: Approvers that do not have the sn_hr_core.manager role cannot access the HR case after the state changes to Closed Complete.
    • Cancel a case created by mistake.
  • View and complete assigned tasks.
  • Sign or provide credentials indicating documents were read.
  • View and acknowledge watching a video.
  • View activity and status related to the tasks and cases.
  • Able to sort on the Assigned to person or group.
  • Sign and complete assigned tasks.
  • View a running total of all cases or only assigned cases (HR managers only).
  • Chat with HR agents and other assigned employees with knowledge about your case and tasks.