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HR surveys

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HR surveys

HR Surveys let users rate their satisfaction with HR case resolution, and provide management with feedback to improve HR processes.

Two predefined HR surveys are provided: HR Request Satisfaction Survey and HR Exit Survey. HR administrators and HR managers can edit HR surveys and the associated trigger conditions.

The HR Request Satisfaction Survey is triggered randomly for 50% of closed HR cases. Users receive an email with the survey link after they accept the resolution or when the HR case is closed incomplete. The HR Exit Survey is triggered for employees in the offboarding process. It is sent to all offboarding employees when the HR task state is Work in Progress.

HR managers and administrators can review responses by question and see a scorecard. Comments entered by users provide feedback that can be used to improve the performance of HR case management. The following survey options can be configured.

  • The look and feel of the questionnaire, for example, by adding the company logo.
  • Conditional questions that appear when users answer other questions in a certain way.
  • The trigger condition, for example, to send it for every case or to a lower percentage of users.

With trigger conditions, the system generates a survey instance each time a specific action occurs on a given table, such as when an HR request closes. You can choose to send a survey every time the condition is met. Or, you can set a probability for the system to send a survey at random when the condition is met. Trigger conditions are ideal for sending surveys to measure satisfaction with a recent experience, such as closing an HR request.

For more detailed information about working with surveys, trigger conditions, and survey questions, see Survey Management.