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Lifecycle Events and Workflows

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Lifecycle Events and Workflows

The HR Activity Set Launcher workflow drives the entire Lifecycle Event process. Associated workflows drive each of the Activity Sets within a Lifecycle Event.

When a Lifecycle Event case is created:
  • The Invoke Activity Set Launcher Workflow business rule runs.
  • The HR Activity Set Launcher workflow starts.
  • The workflow runs the duration of the Lifecycle Event case and manages the Activity Sets.
    Note: You can access the workflows from Execution Contexts.
Activity set workflow diagram.
Each Activity Set in a Lifecycle Event have an associated workflow. Each workflow:
  • Monitors trigger conditions and dependencies on other activity sets to generate activities.
  • Checks the status of activities in the workflow every four hours (default) for activity sets triggered by date or a custom script.
  • Checks the status of activities when an activity case or request is updated.
  • Closes the activity set when activities are marked complete.
    The base system provides a default for the total number of activity sets that can run at the same time. This value can be increased, but system performance can be affected.
    • Open Workflow Editor.
    • From Workflows, select HR Activity Set Launcher.
    • Under Parallel Flow Launcher, click the Activity Properties.
    • Update the Max Simultaneous value.

      See Parallel Flow Launcher workflow activity .