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Modify an HR case template in legacy HR

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Modify an HR case template in legacy HR

HR case templates are used to create HR catalog items, in the non-scoped version of HR. HR case templates specify what actions are taken when a certain type of HR case is submitted.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or model_manager

About this task

Several predefined HR case templates are used in HR catalog items. You can modify the predefined HR case templates or create ones.

The easiest way to create catalog items is from the Manage HR Catalog module. When you create a catalog item, an associated HR case category and template are also created. You can then customize the HR case template, for example, to add variables. The following list includes ways to customize an HR case template.

  • Specify required skills and assignment group or user.
  • Define tasks for HR agents that must be completed.
  • Define the order of task completion by assigning a task dependency.

A template can have attached knowledge models. A knowledge model is a knowledge article that is associated with the template. When a new case is created, the knowledge article is automatically assigned to the case to provide information to the HR agent.

You can edit an HR case template after you create the catalog item in the Manage HR Catalog module. If you click the edit HR case template icon for the new catalog item, it opens the same form described in the following steps.


  1. Navigate to HR • Administration > Catalog & Templates > HR Templates.
    The Product Models list opens and displays both HR case and HR task templates. Look at the Model categories field to determine whether you are opening an HR case or HR task template.
  2. Open an HR case template to modify.
    If you are creating a template from the list, select HR Case Model in the Interceptor page.
  3. Complete the form or edit the fields.
    As you enter information, you can click the min and max buttons to the right of the Name field to collapse and expand the displayed fields. The fields listed in the table are from the HR case template that is automatically created with a catalog item from the Manage HR Catalog module.
    Table 1. HR case template fields
    Field Description
    Name Unique and descriptive name for this template.
    Short description Content that is copied into the Short description field of an HR request when this HR case template is used to submit an HR request from the associated catalog item.
    Description Detailed description copied into an HR request created from this template.
    Checklist template An informal list of questions or tasks used as a reminder for the HR agent working on this case.
    Workflow The workflow used to process an HR case from this template.
    Assignment group The HR group to assign to a case or task when this template is used. The HR group provides the list of HR agents for auto-assignment.
    Skills The skills that the HR agent must have to be assigned to this case or task. Select as many skills as are needed. Click away from the selection list to close it. Your organization configures whether to use skills for auto-assignment.
    Priority The default priority when the HR request is created from this template.
    Billable Does not apply to HR cases.
    The following field is used in several of the predefined templates. Edit fields and add this field to the template to use it in a new catalog item.
    Suspended reason Information on why the HR agent may need to suspend the parent HR case. Selecting one of the following options places the associated related link in the HR task.
    • User: Request additional user info
    • Document: Request document
    • Other, Company, Group: Suspend case
    Table 2. Task information
    Field Description
    Copy Task Template The task template to use for this task, if any. Click the link, and then select the template from the choice list.
    Task type The type of task. HR Task should be selected.
    Name Unique and descriptive name for the task. If you are entering a name for a new task, fields for an extra task appear.
    Note: If you enter information in any of the other fields for a task, the Name field is required.
    Description Content that is copied into the description of the task when this HR case template is used.
    Depends on The task that must be completed before this task can be performed. Options appear in this list after you have created subsequent tasks.
    Checklist template An informal list of questions or tasks used as a reminder for the HR agent working on this task.
  4. To add more fields for either the request or task sections, complete the following steps.
    1. Click Edit Fields.
      An add field choice list appears in the Request information and Task information sections.
    2. Select the field to add.
      The field is added to the form and you can add more fields, if desired.
  5. To attach a knowledge model to the template, scroll to the Model knowledges related list.
  6. Complete the following steps for every knowledge model to add.
    1. Click New.
    2. Click the lookup icon beside the Knowledge field.
    3. Locate the knowledge article to add and click its number.
    4. Click Submit in the Model Knowledge form.
  7. Click Save.
    A new HR task template is created for each HR task you added to the HR case template.