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Create a profile

Profiles are generated automatically from profile types in any of the GRC-related applications. Profiles can be created individually, but is not common.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_compliance.admin or sn_compliance.manager, sn_risk.admin or sn_risk.manager, sn_audit.admin or sn_audit.manager


  1. Navigate to one of the following locations:
    • Policy and Compliance > Scoping > Profile Types.
    • Risk > Scoping > Profile Types.
    • Audit > Scoping > Profile Types.
  2. Open a Profile Type record from the list.
  3. Add or modify any conditions, as necessary.
    Changing the Table, changes the number of records matching the condition.
    Matching record based on table choice example
  4. Assign the Owner field.
  5. Click Update.
    A profile is generated for every record that matches the filter condition.
    Profiles related list