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Dispatcher view

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Dispatcher view

The icons in the dispatch map mark the location of tasks and agents in the dispatcher's area and serve as access points to various records.

Users with the wm_dispatcher, wm_admin, or wm_initiator_qualifier_dispatcher roles can manage tasks and routing from the map, filter the view, and determine at a glance what agents are on time or behind schedule.

To access the dispatch map, navigate to Field Service > Dispatching > My Dispatch Map.

The dispatch map opens in the geographical area containing the agents from any assignment group that is part of your dispatch group. These icons indicate the location of agents and tasks:

Table 1. Dispatch map symbols
Image Title Description
Figure 1. Green truck
Green truck
Agent on schedule Current location of an agent selected in the filter. Agents with this icon are on time or ahead of schedule.
Figure 2. Blue truck
Blue truck
Agent behind less than 30 minutes Current location of an agent who is less than 30 minutes behind schedule.
Figure 3. Yellow truck
Yellow truck
Agent behind less than 60 minutes Current location of an agent who is between 30 and 60 minutes behind schedule.
Figure 4. Red truck
Red truck
Agent behind more than 60 minutes Current location of an agent who is at least one hour behind schedule.
Figure 5. Gray truck
Red truck
Agent off the schedule Last known location of an agent who is not currently on the schedule or working on any tasks.
Figure 6. Red marker
Red marker
Unassigned Unassigned tasks that are awaiting dispatch.
Figure 7. Blue marker
Blue marker
Assigned Assigned tasks that have not yet been accepted.
Figure 8. Green marker
Green marker
Accepted Tasks that have been accepted or tasks that are in progress.
Figure 9. Multi task
Multi task
Multiple tasks Multiple active tasks clustered by proximity.
Figure 10. Multi agent
Multi agent
Multiple agents Multiple agents clustered by proximity.
Figure 11. Agent-task combo
Agent task combo
Agent/Tasks Combination of agents and tasks clustered by proximity.
Figure 12. Dispatch map
Dispatch map