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Signed PDF summaries for closed work orders

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Signed PDF summaries for closed work orders

In Field Service Management, customers can digitally sign and confirm work orders that are closed with the Closed Complete or Closed Incomplete state. A PDF summary of the signed work order is then created.

The summary includes the completed tasks, parts used and returned, incidental expenses, and the time required to complete the work. The PDF also includes the name and signature of the customer.

Enabling signed PDF summaries for work orders

Before PDF summaries for work orders can be generated, an administrator must complete the following tasks:
  1. Activate the Field Service – Signature Pad plugin (com.snc.wo_signature_pad). The plugin installs the following table and script include.
    Table Description
    Signature Images


    Stores images of customer signatures for work orders.
    Script include
    Script include Description
    GeneralWOForm Creates a PDF of the work order form.
  2. In the Field Service Management configuration, enable Signature Capture and PDF Order Summary.

Create a signed PDF summary for a work order

If PDF summaries are enabled for Field Service Management, you can request that customers digitally sign and confirm a closed work order. A PDF summary of the signed work order is then created.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_agent

About this task

When a work order is closed, you are notified with a link to the work order. Open the work order to request a signature from the customer.


  1. When you receive a message about the completed work order, click the link in the message to open the Work Order form.
    You can also find closed work orders by navigating to Field Service > Work Order > All Work Orders.
  2. In the title bar of the Work Order form, click Sign & Confirm.
    You can also click the Sign & Confirm related link.
  3. In the Signature Pad window, ask the customer to enter their name in the Name field and sign their name in the Signature field.
  4. Click Accept.


The signed PDF summary is generated and attached to the Work Order form.