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Consumer form

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Consumer form

The Consumer form stores information about a consumer, including the name, addresses, and phone numbers.

Form Information



A consumer can have multiple addresses. The primary address is stored in the Primary Address tab on the Consumer form and in the Addresses related list. When you fill in the fields in the Primary Address tab and click Submit, this information is added to the Addresses related list as the primary address, with the Primary field set to true. Any changes made to the Primary Address fields are also updated in the related list.
Note: A consumer can have only one primary address.

Other addresses, such as billing or shipping addresses, can be created and stored in the Addresses related list. For these other addresses, the Primary field is set to false.

All addresses for a consumer are stored in the Addresses related list. New addresses can be created from this related list by clicking New and filling in the fields on the Location form, including the address type.

Related lists

The Consumer form includes the following related lists:
  • Addresses
  • Cases
  • Assets
  • Contracts
  • Entitlements
  • Social Profiles