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JSONv2 Web Service

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JSONv2 Web Service

The ability to describe sets of data in JSON format is a natural extension to the JavaScript language.

ServiceNow supports a web service interface that operates on the JSON object as the data input and output format.

The JSONv2 web service is provided by a platform-level processor similar to the services for SOAP, WSDL, CSV, Excel, and XML. Like those services, the JSON web service is triggered by a standalone JSONv2 URL parameter. For example:
https://<instance name>

Having the JSON object available as a data format for web services means that you can create (insert), update, and query any data in the system using the JSON object format, and get results in the JSON object format.


Like all other HTTP-based web services available on the platform, the JSONv2 web service is required to authenticate using basic authentication by default. The user ID that is used for authentication is subjected to access control in the same way as an interactive user.