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Merge tool

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Merge tool

The Diff Merge tool enables administrative users to compare differences between two versions of a record. Administrators can compare field-level changes between two versions, apply changes using Move Right field-level copy functionality and then merge results, or choose to revert to the non-current version. You can access the Diff Merge tool by comparing versions, resolving conflicts, or resolving collisions, during development or after upgrades.

Diff Merge tool - Compare to Current

Script Editor for large text-based fields

Diff Merge tool - Compare to Current Script

Accessibility Functions

The platform includes accessibility features that support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level A and make the interface accessible to users with disabilities. These features improve the user experience when accessing platform functions with screen readers and keyboard navigation.

In general, you can use the following set of standard keyboard navigation functions:
  • Press Tab to navigate major groupings in a pre-defined sequence, including moving between standard interface controls (fields and lists) in a module, or between records within a tab.

    Press Shift Tab to move backwards in a pre-defined sequence.

Visually impaired users can navigate the Diff Merge tool. Screen readers can read all critical page content. All links and buttons can be reached when a section that is critical must be read. VoiceOver audible cues describe the content of the section that is necessary to read.

To enable accessibility functions, administrators should set these sys_properties:

  1. Setting glide.ui.javascript_editor to false makes the following functions accessible:
    • Script fields (such as Script Include).
    • Side-by-side script comparison.
  2. Setting sys_properties color settings enables high contrast visibility, which makes the left and right columns more accessible and easier to read by visually impaired users.
    • - Left column cell color when values differ between versions.
    • - Right column cell color when values differ between versions.
    • - Left column cell color when version values are the same.
    • - Right column cell color when version values are the same.