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Add steps to automated test

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Add steps to automated test

Create a series of steps for an automated test to run in a specified order.

Before you begin

You must have created the test to which you want to add steps.

Role required: atf_test_admin or atf_test_designer.

About this task

This procedure adds steps, one step at a time. You can also add a batch of steps all at once by adding a test template.


  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests.
  2. Click the row containing the test that you want to contain the new test steps.
    The system displays the Test form.
  3. In the Test Steps related list, click Add Test Step.
    The system displays the Add Test Step form.
  4. From the left panel, select the test step category, or select All Steps to view all available test steps for all test categories.
    For example, if selecting a specific test step category, select Form for form-related test steps, Application Navigator to test application menu or module visibility, or Server for tests executed on the server.
    Note: When selecting certain types of server tests, you can specify whether a positive or negative test result constitutes a successful test outcome. See Record testing with different assert types.
    The Form list displays the available test steps for the category you selected from the left list.
  5. Click the row that contains the type of test step you want to select.
    For example, if you selected Form, select Set Field Values to set the field values on a form.
    Note: Start any sequence of steps that work with forms with the Open a new form or Open an existing form step. Close with the Submit form step.
  6. If applicable, from the Insert after list, select the step that you want to precede this step.
    If this step is the first step in a test, the Insert after field does not appear.
  7. Click Next.
    The system displays the Add Test Step form for the step you have chosen.
  8. From the Table list, select the table that you want to test in this step.
  9. (Optional) In the Execution Order field, enter an integer representing the order in which you want this step to execute.
    For more information on Execution Order, see Edit automated test step order.
  10. Fill in the fields that apply to this type of step .
    Some steps return output values that you can pass to the inputs for a subsequent step. For more information, see Pass values from one automated test step to another.
  11. Click Submit.
    The system creates the step and displays the test record.
  12. Repeat Steps 3 through 11 to add additional steps for this test.

What to do next

Run the test.