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Set up Microsoft Office 365 integration

Set up Microsoft Office 365 integration

Set up profiles for integration with Office 365 Admin Center to download subscription information to be compared with software installations for compliance.

Before you begin

You must create and set up an application for Office 365 in the Microsoft Application Registration Portal before you begin Office 365 integration.

To register an app, you must use the Application Registration Portal - Microsoft (
  • Obtain an application ID
  • Generate a new password (client secret)
  • Provide application permissions (Reports.Read.All, User.Read.All)

For instructions on how to create and set up an application in the Microsoft Application Registration Portal, go to Microsoft Developer Network blog and search for this blog post by a Microsoft employee:

How to use Application Permission with Azure AD v2 endpoint and Microsoft Graph

Role required: sam_user (can read software subscriptions)

About this task

For compliance reporting on the Office 365 dashboard, integrate Office 365 with Software Asset Management.
Note: The Microsoft publisher pack ( plugin must be installed to view the Office 365 dashboard tab.

A scheduled job to obtain subscription information from Office 365 runs once a week.

Content related to Office 365 integration can be accessed from the Integration - Office 365 application menu.
  • Software Models contains software model records for Microsoft products that have a subscription.
  • Subscriptions contains subscription records for Microsoft products.
  • Administration > Setup contains profile records for integration with Office 365.


Navigating to Integration - Office 365 > Administration > Setup and create a new Office 365 Profile record (see table for field descriptions).
Table 1. Office 365 Profile form
Field Description
Display name Unique name of the Office 365 profile.
Application Id Office 365 application ID key which is obtained when you register your application.
OAuth application Open authorization (OAuth) application, which contains the client secret. The client secret is obtained during Office 365 application setup.
Tenant name or Id Office 365 globally unique identifier (GUID), which is obtained during Office 365 application setup.
When the scheduled job is run, Microsoft Office 365 subscription data is obtained and integrated with Software Asset Management.

Subscription data can be viewed by navigating to Integration - Office 365 > Subscriptions.