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Assign a task card to a user

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Assign a task card to a user

Assignees represent ownership of task cards and the associated records. Each task card can have one primary assignee and multiple additional assignees.

About this task

You can filter the visible tasks on a board to show only tasks assigned to a certain user. Assignees appear on cards as avatars.

Figure 1. Task card assignees
Task card assignees

When a card changes lanes, all the assignees receive an email notification.

For flexible and guided boards, the primary assignee corresponds to the underlying task's Assigned to field. For example, on a board created from the Incident table, if you add Joe Employee as the primary assignee for a card, the associated incident is assigned to Joe. Note that assignment rules on the associated table may restrict who you can make the primary assignee of a card. If you attempt to assign a task card to a user in a way that violates an assignment rule, a notification appears and the assignment does not take place.

Note: Assignees are not automatically granted access to the board. Only members can access the board.


Do one of the following actions.
Add an assignee from the quick panel
  1. Drag a user's avatar from the quick panel directly to the task card.
  2. Drop the avatar in the Primary or Additional drop zone.
Add an assignee from the card details
  1. Open the card details for a task.
  2. Click the assignees tab (Assignees tab).
  3. Click Add Primary Assignee or Add Additional Assignee. The Add Primary Assignee option is not available if there is already a primary assignee.
  4. Select a user.
  5. Close the card detail pop-up window.
The system sends an email notification to inform the new assignee of the change.