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Place a request

Use ServiceNow's web-based interface for ordering predefined goods and services.

About this task


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Service Catalog.

    The default catalog view organizes items in categories and subcategories.

    Figure 1. Default catalog view
    Screenshot for the default catalog view
  2. Select an item to order.
    Note: Some items are order guides, which combine related items for easier ordering. For example, an order guide called New Employee Hire presents a list of items that new employees typically receive (desk, phone, computer, email account). After you select the items you want to order, the order guide requests the information required and shows a separate time to delivery for each item ordered.

    The order screen requests any additional information that's needed, such as the requester's name or location and the date the item is needed. It also displays the item's delivery time after approval.

    Figure 2. Delivery time
    Screenshot for the delivery time
  3. Enter complete and accurate information to expedite your order.
  4. Order any other items required.
  5. Click Order Now when the order is complete.

    ServiceNow displays a confirmation screen for your order:

    Figure 3. Order submitted
    Screenshot for order confirmation

    You can view the order's progress in the Stage column.

    Note: It may be useful to note the order number for future reference.

    ServiceNow automatically notifies the approvers if approval is required and creates work orders to fulfill the order according to your organization's process. For example, if you order a new notebook computer, the purchasing group might receive a work order to order the computer, and the desktop services group might receive a work order to configure the new computer and deliver it to your office after it arrives.