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Set up table notifications for non-task tables

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Set up table notifications for non-task tables

Table notifications are supported for all task tables by default, and you can set up a table notification for any other table.

Before you begin

Role required: live_feed_admin or chat_admin


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Business Rules.
  2. Open the live feed events business rule.
  3. In the Advanced section,select and copy the text in the Script field.
  4. Click the back arrow on the top, left to exit the record and return to the Business Rules list.
  5. Click New.
  6. Enter the following values at the top of the form.
    • Name: Enter a name, such as live feed events for my table.
    • Table: Select the table for which you are setting up a notification.
    • Active and Advanced: Select these check boxes.
  7. In the When to run section, enter the following values.
    • When: Select before.
    • Insert, Update, and Delete: Select the check boxes.
  8. In the Advanced section, paste the script from the live feed events business rule into the script box.
  9. Click Submit.
    The live feed events business rule runs on the non-task table. It fires the live_feed.update event, which is associated with the Live Feed Update script action. The script action sets up variables and processes the table notifications.

What to do next

After saving the business rule, create a live feed table notification record for the new table as you would for a task table.