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Opportunity won (non-task)

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Opportunity won (non-task)

This example demonstrates a table notification on a non-task table. It generates an automatic message on live feed whenever a sales opportunity is won, if you have activated the Sales Force Automation plugin.

Create a business rule on the Opportunity [sales_opportunity] table that matches the live feed events business rule on the task table.

Create a table notification with the following values:
  • Table: Opportunity [sales_opportunity]
  • Active: Select the check box.
  • Update: Select the check box.
  • Post to live feed: Select the check box.
  • Conditions: [State] [is] [Closed Won]
  • Description: Opportunity won
  • Message:
    ${owner} closed a sale with ${account}!
  • Before script:
    //make the message appear to come from the assigned salesperson if there is one if ( !current. owner. nil ( ) )
    profileSource  = current. owner. getRefRecord ( ) ; //need GlideRecord object
    Figure 1. Example opportunity won message
    Example opportunity won message