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Delegate approvals and tasks to another user

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Delegate approvals and tasks to another user

If a user is out of the office, that user can delegate responsibilities to other users for a period of time.


  1. Navigate to Self Service > My Profile.
  2. In the Delegates related list, click New.
    Figure 1. Delegates Related List

    If the list is not visible, configure the form to add the Delegate->User related list.

  3. Select the Delegate (User).
  4. Set the period of time.
  5. Specify the responsibilities the delegate will assume using the following check boxes. You can delegate:
    • Approvals: The delegate can approve items on your behalf.
    • Assignments: The delegate can view and work on tasks assigned to you.
    • CC Notifications: The delegate receives a copy of Change Control email notifications sent to you, except those marked as Meeting Invitation.
      Note: If the Approvals check box is selected but CC Notifications is not, the delegate does not receive change-related approvals.
    • Meeting Invitations: The delegate receives a copy of email notifications sent of the type Meeting Invitation.
    Note: You must select an active user as your delegate. The instance only delegates to active users.


A sample delegation looks like this:

Figure 2. Delegation Options
Note: If your delegate gets email notifications, they will be the same email notifications sent to you. The delegate may be confused to see "Incident assigned to you" emails, so make sure they know they are a delegate.