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Prevent users from following records in Connect for a specific table

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Prevent users from following records in Connect for a specific table

Users can follow records in Connect for any table that extends Task [task] by default. You can disable this functionality for a specific table.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

To disable record conversations for a specific table, prevent the Follow button from appearing in form headers for the table. To do so, set the live_feed dictionary attribute to false for the table.


  1. Navigate to the list view of a table for which you want to disable record conversations.
  2. Perform the appropriate action for the list version.
    List v2 Right-click any column header and select Configure > Dictionary.
    List v3 Open the list title menu and select Configure, and then select Dictionary.
    The list of dictionary entries for the table appears.
  3. Open the dictionary entry that has Type set to Collection.
    The Dictionary Entry form appears.
  4. In the Attributes related list, locate the Live feed dictionary attribute.
  5. Set the Value to false.
    Setting the dictionary attribute to false also removes the show live feed icon (Show live feed icon) for the table.