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Configure the email notification interval

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Configure the email notification interval

The email notification interval determines how long the system waits before sending a Connect Chat email notification to an inactive user.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The default interval is 3 minutes. You can change this value.


  1. Navigate to Collaborate > Administration > Properties.
  2. Locate the property called Number of minutes to wait before collecting unread messages and sending an email to offline users. (collaboration.email_interval) and set the value to a different number of minutes.
  3. Click Save.


When an offline user is sent a Connect message, the collaboration.new_offline_message event fires. The system waits the amount of time provided in the collaboration.email_interval property, then triggers the collaboration.notify_offline_user and events (depending on if the conversation was peer to peer or a group conversation).The sysevent_email_action record listens for collaboration.notify_offline_user(.group) then builds an email notification containing all the messages from the last collaboration.email_interval minutes that the user has received in that conversation.