Connect Support chat states

Connect Support chats move through specific states.

Figure 1. Connect Support states diagram
Connect Support states diagram showing the full cycle of states for a support conversation
Table 1. Connect Support chat states
State Definition
  • Requestor/end user entered a queue by sending a message. Agent did not accept it yet.
  • End user rejoins a session before agent closes it
Work in Progress
  • Agent accepts a chat from a queue. Both requester and agent
  • Requestor/client leaves an ongoing conversation (session times out, loss of connectivity); agent does not end a session; requester rejoins
Closed Abandoned Requestor/client leaves a conversation before agents accepts it
Closed Escalated Agents escalated an ongoing conversation by performing Escalate action from a hamburger menu.
Closed Complete
  • Agent leaves/closes an ongoing conversation with a requestor/client
  • End user times out
  • End user ends their session